Private Sessions 1 hour: $100 (and up depending upon travel time)

What is private yoga? The study of yoga is a dialogue between the teacher and the student. Private sessions benefit those wanting to explore the following:  

-adapting to injuries; creating variations for specific poses

-improving overall practice

-learning to use props correctly. 

-starting or deepening meditation & breath work. 

-learning more about yogic philosophy. 

Some people are intimidated to join a class at a local studio or gym. Private lessons are an invaluable way to begin a practice and to receive the individualized attention you may not get in a group setting.

My job is to understand why clients are interested in private lessons and to determine what I can do to support them. I have extensive experience evaluating clients through listening, questioning, and observing. As a yoga teacher working with you one-on-one, I look for ways to help reduce or manage pain or discomfort, improve everyday function, and motivate a student toward their desired goal. My intention behind private sessions is to support you to be your own source of power. To teach you how to pay attention and to trust your own ability. My role as a yoga teacher, then, is to support you for a period of time (which is different for each student) in order to develop a personal practice that is fully integrated into your daily life.